Created in June 2014, RedaktiPro is a small company that aims to help small businesses, startups and organizations to present themselves on the market and promote their products.


Why RedaktiPro? "Redakti" in Esperanto (universal language), means "to write", and "Pro" for professional, obviously.


Journalist for more than 30 years in various specialized media and general public, Sylvie Guggenheim, founder, has indeed noted the difficulties for new companies or organizations to be known and to highlight their activities through writing.


Success in dealing with the media, finding information that will hold their attention, writing coherent documentation that does not end up in the trash is an art.


Our long journalistic experience allowed us to cumulate valuable knowledge in these areas and in particular on how to head into the jungle of the press.


Now, we want to put our knowledge at the service of those who are confronted, not only with the difficulty of writing coherent documentation, but also about how to approach journalists and when to do it.



Sylvie Guggenheim, founder of RedaktiPro